Fall Hiking Week 2018 - September 28- October 5, 2018

Woodwards Resort & Inn

Save The Date: The 2018 AMC Fall Hiking Week will be held at Woodwards Resort & Inn Lincoln, NH from September 28th - October 5th.

Fall Hiking Week means a variety of different hikes in the White Mountains each day, all while staying at an attractive inn with good food and company.

Hikes are led by AMC volunteer leaders and are designed to offer different levels of difficulty.

Hiking: There will be 'A', 'B' and 'C' hikes daily. In addition, information will be available for those people who would like to plan their own walk.

The 'A' hikes will usually tackle a 4,000 footer. The 'B' hikes are somewhat easier, but enough to challenge you. The C hikes, although easier, are more than pleasant strolls. They will keep you in the open air for the greater part of the day. We occasionally organize "D" hikes which are casual walks, shorter and over easier terrain, to visit points of interest. Information will be available for those people who wish to plan their own walks or outings.

A social hour, around 5:15 PM, is planned each evening before dinner. A non-alcoholic punch will be provided by the resort. This is a time for all FHW participants to socialize, review the day's events, and hear about the evening program and the next day's plans.

The Entertainment Committee is scheduling some interesting programs: slide shows, play readings and speakers.

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